“The RSL was founded in 1916 to provide comradeship and support to Australia’s veterans and their families.

That core mission has never changed but has continued to evolve to meet the needs of each generation of servicemen and women.

We have a branch network that covers Australia and any veteran who needs help will get it.  Every serving ADF member and veteran will be warmly welcomed at their local RSL or club.

We advocate for the best possible conditions for our serving men and women and for those who have served the nation in the past.

We foster respect and thanks from the nation for all those who have made sacrifices in Australia’s name and we will provide a strong voice on issues of national unity and security.”

What is a veteran?

“The definition favoured at the moment is that anyone who has served in any of the services at any time is a Veteran — this is to ensure that no one is excluded from membership of the RSL or from receiving entitlements assistance through DVA. Entitlements are a completely different matter and being called a ‘Veteran’ does not immediately transfer entitlements to the individual. The RSL has not wanted to discriminate between service members because it is important to us that we engage with everyone who has served regardless of where, when and for how long.”

History of RSL